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Sha-sha!! I'm SuKanzoo! I started playing Pony Vs Pony back in about mid-late 2012 when my brother's been playing it for a bit. After I became a brony, I've been imaging a crossover story series between the MLP and PVP for years. It turned out... pretty messy. But that's because it should've either been a crossover or an autobiography, not both. Trying to mix all three things together was too much work and didn't need PVP on various aspects. Though I did have fun thinking about all that. There's even fanart from that show below, although the one with my MagiPony comforting Angel Bunny is non-canon. And yes, I did call my pony from Pony Vs Pony a MagiPony to identify those ponies, hence the name of my failed crossover, 'My Little MagiPony'. Was that a mouthful of "ponies"? Anyway, I can still recreate my series, but I'll either have to remove PVP entirely or until a late point in it. But the word "MagiPony" is still a fan term, so it's not used in this wiki. I needed to make this wiki since PVP's still been a huge sensation to me and that I can see a good opportunity if it was made into either an RPG or a fighting game. It's too bad the game made as is didn't catch on that well. I would've enjoyed adventure mode.

Right now, I've recently been into my new big thing, 'Chip and Potato', a pre-school show where a kindergarten pug, Chip, faces new challenges in her life with the help of her secret mouse friend, Potato. I even made a MagiPony based on that show's main character (see below). My other big things are 'Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!', and of course, 'My Little Pony'.



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